Crocodylus siamensis (Siamese Crocodile)

Criteria met:  High volume (globally threatened), Sharp increase

Principal trade term:  skins

Percentage of global trade:  2%

Principal source:  captive-bred

Top importer:  Turkey

Top Trading Partner:  Italy, Japan

CITES Appendix:  I

IUCN Status:  Critically Endangered

In 2010, Turkey reported the import of 232 skins for commercial purposes, of which 55% were captive-bred, 24% were ranched and 21% were wild-sourced. All of the wild-sourced and ranched skins originated in Thailand and were exported via Italy and Japan, respectively. It is possible that the source code of these shipments was mis-reported by Turkey; Japan reported the corresponding re-export as source ‘D’, while all exports of C. siamensis to Turkey reported by Italy were source ‘D’. The captive-bred skins primarily originated in Thailand (86%), with smaller quantities originating in Japan (9%) and Viet Nam (5%). No other candidate countries reported imports of C. siamensis in 2010; according to exporter-reported data, one small leather product was exported to Croatia, and four leather products and one skin were exported to Iceland.

The only other imports of C. siamensis by Turkey 2001-2010 were 13 captive-bred skins in 2003 and 225 captive-bred skins in 2009.