High volume trade thresholds

Minimum number of wild, ranched, source ‘unknown’ and source ‘blank’ individuals imported in 2010 needed to qualify for selection on the basis of high trade volume

Taxonomic group [r]CITES Appendix I [r]CITES Appendix II(CR, EN, VU, NT*) [r]CITES Appendix II [r]CITES Appendix III(CR, EN, VU, NT*) [r]CITES Appendix III
Mammals [r]50 [r]50 [r]5000 [r]50 [r]25000
Birds [r]50 [r]50 [r]5000 [r]50 [r]25000
Reptiles [r]50 [r]50 [r]25000 [r]50 [r]50000
Amphibians [r]50 [r]50 [r]25000 [r]50 [r]50000
Fish [r]50 [r]50 [r]25000 [r]50 [r]—
Invertebrates (non-corals) [r]250 [r]250 [r]25000 [r]250 [r]50000
Corals [r]— [r]10000 [r]25000 [r]10000 [r]50000
Plants (non-tree) [r]250 [r]250 [r]25000 [r]250 [r]50000
Plants (trees) [r]250 m³ [r]250 m³ [r]500 m³ [r]250 m³ [r]2500 m³

* CR = Critically Endangered, EN = Endangered, VU = Vulnerable, NT = Near Threatened in IUCN Red List