Equus zebra hartmannae (Hartmann's Mountain Zebra)

Criteria met:  High volume (globally threatened)

Principal trade term to the EU:  skins

Percentage of global trade to the EU:  43%

Principal source:  wild

Top EU importer:  Germany

Top Trading Partner:  Namibia

CITES Appendix:  II

IUCN Status:  Vulnerable

EU-reported imports of wild-sourced Equus zebra hartmannae skins (excluding skins reported in kg), all purposes, 2001-2010.

EU imports in 2010 primarily comprised skins (760), hunting trophies (107) and trophy items, reported as purposes ‘H’, ‘P’ and ‘T’. All trade was wild-sourced, with 99% of skins and trophies originating in Namibia and the remainder in South Africa. Imports of skins decreased by 14% between 2009 and 2010.

The SRG formed a positive opinion for specimens from Namibia on 02/12/2008.