Mauremys sinensis (Chinese Stripe-necked Turtle)

Criteria met:  Sharp increase

Principal trade term to the EU:  live

Percentage of global trade to the EU:  99%

Principal source:  wild, captive-bred

Top EU importer:  Portugal, Germany

Top Trading Partner:  United States; Taiwan, Province of China

CITES Appendix:  III

IUCN Status:  Endangered

EU-reported imports of live Mauremys sinensis by source, all purposes, 2001-2010.

EU imports in 2010 comprised 18,865 live animals traded for commercial purposes, of which just over half (53%) were wild-sourced and the remainder captive-bred. All of the wild-sourced specimens originated in Taiwan, Province of China, with the vast majority re-exported via the United States. The majority of the captive-bred specimens were imported directly from Taiwan, Province of China (79%), with the remainder imported directly from China.

M. sinensis was first listed in CITES Appendix III in February 2005, and was listed in the EU Annexes later the same year. EU imports of live specimens almost doubled between 2009 and 2010, with an increase in wild-sourced imports from zero in 2009 to 10,010 in 2010.