Kinixys homeana (Home's Hinge-back Tortoise)

Criteria met:  High volume (globally threatened)

Principal trade term to the EU:  live

Percentage of global trade to the EU:  9%

Principal source:  ranched

Top EU importer:  Italy

Top Trading Partner:  Togo

CITES Appendix:  II

IUCN Status:  Vulnerable

EU-reported imports of live Kinixys homeana from the two main sources (‘W’ and ‘R’), all purposes, 2001-2010.

EU imports in 2010 comprised 248 live, ranched animals exported directly from Togo for commercial purposes. Live, ranched imports increased by 56% between 2009 and 2010.

An import suspension has been in place for wild specimens from Togo since 21/05/2009, while a negative opinion for Ghana (the only country which traded wild specimens to the EU 2006-2008) was formed on 15/09/2008 and reconfirmed on 02/12/2011. A negative opinion for ranched specimens from Togo has been in place since 20/12/2005, but was amended on 15/09/2008 (and reconfirmed on 02/12/2011) to only apply to ranched specimens with a snout-vent length greater than 8 cm; a positive opinion was formed on 12/06/2006 (and confirmed 15/09/2008) for ranched specimens with a snout-vent length of up to 8 cm.